LPG gas refueling modules – we offer various types of stationary refueling modules for gas filling stations made in accordance with all technical standards from high-quality materials and guarantee their long and uninterrupted service.

Modular gas stations, the price of which is lower than other manufacturers in the region, can be made in the form of vessels of the ground type or for placement underground. Depending on the modification of the tanks, 2 types of capacitive plants can be distinguished:

  • Ground type gas refueling equipment;
  • Installation of an underground location

Modular filling stations for equipping a gas station of this type include the following main components: gas tanks, which are equipment for gas filling stations, the price of which is negotiated depending on further configuration; electric pumping functionality, which includes directly the pump, instrumentation, shutoff valves and additional pumping equipment for gas stations, gas dispenser.

At the request of the customer, individually, the equipment for gas filling can be equipped with other additional devices.

Overground stationary modules for distribution of LPG
#TypeTotal geometric volume, l.Total working volume, lNumber of tanksLength , mm (the longitudinal location of dispenser)Width, mmHeight max., mmHeight min., mmWeight, kgDiagrams
1MZAZG "Shelf 1-5N1/1/LPG100-1"49604216165301405260019052030Scheme of the ground module  No.1
2MZAZG "Shelf 1-5N 1/1/LPG100-2"49604216167051405260019052110Scheme of the ground module  No.2
3MZAZG "Shelf 2-10N 1/1/LPG100-1"99208432265303285260019053550Scheme of the ground module  No.3
4MZAZG "Shelf 2-10N 1/1/LPG100-2"99208432267003285260019053630Scheme of the ground module  No.4
5MZAZG "Shelf 1-10N 1/1/LPG100-1"98308356170001805260023053070Scheme of the ground module  No.5
6MZAZG "Shelf 1-10N 1/1/LPG100-2"98308356171801805260023053150Scheme of the ground module  No.6
7MZAZG "Shelf 2-20N 1/1/LPG100-1"1966016711270004100260023055880Scheme of the ground module  No.7
8MZAZG "Shelf 2-20N 1/1/LPG100-2"1966016711271804100260023055960Scheme of the ground module  No.8
Underground stationary modules for distribution of LPG
No.TypeTotal geometric volume, l.Total working volume, lDiameter tank, mmLength, mmWidth, mmHeight max., mmHeight min., mmWeight, kgDiagrams
1MZAZG "Shelf 1-5P 1/1/LPG100-1"49604216121246501212404522451850Scheme of underground module No.1
2MZAZG "Shelf 1-10P 1/1/LPG100-1"98308355.5160052801600442026203200Scheme of underground module No.2
3MZAZG "Shelf 1-15P 1/1/LPG100-1"1410011985160074801600442026204200Scheme of underground module No.3
4MZAZG "Shelf 1-19P 1/1/LPG100-1"1840015640160097001600442026204975Scheme of underground module No.4
5MZAZG "Shelf 1-19P 1/1 LPG100-1"1858015793190070301900474029404350Scheme of underground module No.5
6MZAZG "Shelf 1-20P 1/1/LPG100-1"1995016958190075301900474029404585Scheme of underground module No.6
7MZAZG "Shelf 1-25P 1/1/LPG100-1"2424020604190090301900474029405250Scheme of underground module No.7

Production and equipment modules for individual orders!!