Fuel and service equipment, electronics, trucks, reservoirs for gases and liquids manufacture.

Fuel dispensers
High speed dispensers
Combined dispensers
Mobile dispensers

LPG dispensers
LPG module
Combined dispensers
LPG tanks

CNG compressors
CNG dispensers
Drying systems
CNG station control system

Motor oil dispensers
High pressure hoses
Motor oil pump

LPG carriers
Petrol tankers
Fuel trucks

Autonomous gas-supply
systems are meant for cottage
heating with propane-butane.

Еechnical fluid dispenser
Automatic pumping of tires
Automatic tire washing

Horisontal air receivers
Vertical air receivers
Receiver gas collection


Production of equipment for gas stations.

Production of dispensers for petrol, LPG and CNG, engine oils, cooling and washing liquids.

 Our enterprise has been working in the fuel distributing market for eighteen years. During this time our products showed their best sides in different service conditions: in high humidity and deserts, in strong winter environments and on floating filling stations. Nowadays we have more than 80 types of dispensers for fuel, diesel, kerosene, mineral oil, LPG, CNG, hydrogen and other. We also produce tanks for different goods, high pressure compressors for CNG, stationary and movable modules for distribution of LPG, diesel and fuel, gas tanks, tank trucks, tank containers and many others.

Tanks manufacturing and designing

Tanks for gases, liquid fuel, air receivers, tanks for oils.

 Modules for liquid fuel are produced in various configurations for different service conditions, in stationary and container design with volume from 1 to 60m3 according to client’s wish.

 We can offer you different platform gas trucks and semitrailers of our own manufacture with volume up to 42m3. Gas trucks could be equipped with flowmeters or Micro Motion mass meters according to client’s wish. Also we can offer 20’ or 40’ tank containers.

Production of equipment for CNG stations

CNG compressors, gas drying systems, gas accumulator blocks, control systems for compressor and CNG stations.

 Shelf company is a top manufacturer of gas station equipment in Ukraine. We produce almost everything for stations: drying systems, compressors, priority panel, control box, pressurizer, CNG dispensers and many others. Only a few companies all over the world can produce massmeters and our company is among them. Our own scientific team of highly skilled specialists gives us an opportunity to produce high pressure compressors of original design. Usage of modern materials and innovations helped us to make the high capacity compressors with minimal weight and reduce the gas lost to the level, which is unachievable to our business rivals.

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